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what is a fanlisting?

It's literally in the word - it is a "listing" of "fans". This is a common concept, but it was popularised into an online phenomenon by the creation of an unofficial, voluntary organisation, The Fanlistings Network (TFL) in 2000, and has now expanded to listing thousands of diverse fanlisting subjects - from TV shows, to foods, musicians, etc. There are no costs to join a fanlisting (financial or otherwise); the only requirements are your name and country, and often e-mail. Fanlistings are voluntary fan projects, therefore they are usually only recognised by TFL and *not* by any official, profit-making organisations centred around the fanlisting subject itself. (More information »)

About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by The Fanlistings Network for Knowledge. It is listed in the "Miscellaneous" category, and then the "Concepts/Ideas" subcategory (check here).

I thrive on the journey of acquiring new knowledge: I see everyday - every moment - as an opportunity to learn something new. The history of humanity is packed with rich, fascinating information; every page of every book is burning to tell you something imperative that you don't yet know. Every spiritual and physical journey that each human has made teaches us something about what we know, and don't know. The journey towards acquiring knowledge is something I believe is crucial to ensure you remain open-minded, balanced, tolerant, and informed enough to make valuable opinions. Knowledge and wisdom can murder your ignorance, and enlighten you towards a more peaceful world. The world is out there, but you can't set a strong foot in it unless you know who, what, where, when, and how. Without a passion for knowledge, we cannot look back, nor look forward, to inform our journey and remain open-minded in the present.

If you also adore Knowledge, then why not join this fanlisting and add your name to a growing list of people who feel the same? :)