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Knowing How to Live

Welcome to the only "fanlisting" listed at The Fanlistings Network for the great concept of knowledge - the "familiarity with facts, truths, or principles about someone or something, acquired through experience or education". Where do you begin with something like this without sounding like a self-help book? I thrive on the journey of acquiring new knowledge: I see everyday - every moment - as an opportunity to learn something new. The history of humanity is packed with rich, fascinating information; every page of every book is burning to tell you something imperative that you don't yet know. Every spiritual and physical journey that each human has made teaches us something about what we know, and don't know. The journey towards acquiring knowledge is something I believe is crucial to ensure you remain open-minded, balanced, tolerant, and informed enough to make valuable opinions. Knowledge and wisdom can dissolve your ignorance, and enlighten you towards a more peaceful world. The world is out there, but you can't set a strong foot in it unless you know who, what, where, when, and how. Without a passion for knowledge, we cannot look back, nor look forward, to inform our journey and remain open-minded in the present.

If you too are a fan of the concept of Knowledge and the beautiful path it carves, then you can join a worldwide list of likeminded people who also relish in this concept! Many, many thanks to Amanda for her extreme patience, and for handing over this fanlisting to me! ♥

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